Allegheny Serviceberry

 Allegheny Serviceberry

Common Names

  • Smooth Shadbush
  • Smooth Serviceberry

Scientific Names

  • Amelanchier laevis
  • Rosaceae family
Basic Landscape Attributes
Height Range: 
15-25 ft. height
Fall Colors: 
Green foliage, Orange-red in fall
Width Range: 
15-25 ft. spread
Flower Type: 
Fragrant white flowers
Irregular, multi-stemmed, narrow, round shape
Allegheny Serviceberry

History of
the Tree Species

  • The Serviceberry (genus Amelanchier) genus includes ~20 species of flowering shrubs and small trees of the rose family (Rosaceae)
  • Most species are North American (except for European snowy Mespilus (Amelanchier ovalis), and Asian serviceberry/Korean juneberry (A. asiatica)
  • "Shadbush" refers to the tendency of certain species to produce their profuse small blossoms when American shad (Alosa sapidissima) swim upriver to spawn in early spring
  • Several species of serviceberries have entered cultivation as ornamental plants, and some species bear fruit that is used in making jellies

Basic Growing Conditions

  • Partial sun
  • Moist, well-drained soil
  • Tolerates alkaline and clay soil
Allegheny Serviceberry
Allegheny Serviceberry

Scientific Facts

  • The fruit, (pomes) ripen in autumn and are edible, can be eaten raw or cooked
  • The fruit has a sweet flavor
  • The bark can be made into a herbal medicine for expectant mothers

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